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Insulation for ceiling — Attic Insulation in Northbrook, IL
American Insulation is proud of our previous insulation projects on the North Shore and surrounding Chicagoland communities. On this page are some of the testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers. Please call us at 847-291-0322 to arrange a free estimate.
Installation of Fiber Material For Walls — Attic Insulation in Northbrook, IL

Client Testimonials

I was incredibly impressed by this company. Owen came out to look at our project and was honest and informative. I appreciate that he approached the project as a problem solver, even though the solution that he identified and provided us with didn't result in an immediate sale for him. He also explained that there are different types of insulation - and he told us the pros and cons of what he sells and what he could do, while explaining the benefits and drawbacks of other insulation types. This was incredibly refreshing, especially since the other company we had come out downplayed all other insulation types - and presented his product as the only thing needed to solve our problems.

I recommend American Insulation as a company - and as soon as we are able to afford to "do the job right" (which is a way bigger project than just insulation) we'll be calling American Insulation.

Sarah D. - 05/20/2010
Based on inspections, a multi-phase plan was developed: upgrade roof ventilation and replace a power vent, install exhaust damper vent, treat roof deck and two gable end walls for mold with disinfectant and bactericide to kill mold then treat the area hydrogen peroxide stain remover, install blown-in insulation to R49 in the attic. In the crawl install 6 mil poly on the entire dirt floor, insulate exterior walls with R11 batts. All work to be accomplished in 2 visits.

This process was incredible. Owen performed a very thorough inspection and explained in great details his findings. He then put together a "menu" of phases that should be considered - highlighting the ones that needed to be done immediately. He worked around our schedule (remodeling our pantry) and was able to schedule a day on short notice.

On Day 1 Rick and Owen worked on the attic prep and ventilation upgrades, then Rick finished up that day with the mold treatment. All work was explained very well as I was up the ladder looking in the attic. At the end of the day they made sure the area was cleaned up. Rick even helped me by clearing out some old bags of (discarded) insulation in the attic from someone else's work.

The following month we schedule the remaining phases of this project. Again Rick & Owen worked getting the attic ready for the blow-in insulation. All openings were sealed with foam or batts. The entire attic was insulated to R49 with measurement points for reference. After it was done I went up the ladder and looked at their work - very good! Next they went in to the crawl and inspected for moisture. They found some areas of concern and identified them to me (another job). They also cleared out debris from another earlier job (another vendor) and found a loose dryer vent. Like the professionals that they are - they sealed and secured the ducting (to prevent moisture in the crawl). Rich finished off the day with applying the 6 mil poly to the floor and insulating all exterior crawl walls. Again, once the job was complete the area was cleaned completely.

American Insulation has been a professional contractor and has gone "above and beyond" in helping me understand what was needed in order to keep my house warm and healthy. Many thanks to Owen for his positive attitude and "ownership" of my job. Also thanks to Rick for all his work and thoughtful insight.

E. K. Mundelein - January 2013
I am deeply impressed with the quality of the work AND of the helpful advice and input provided by this company. I recommend them most highly.

We are still in the process of converting an unheated unfinished walk-in attic to a useful room, and these guys have been instrumental in helping us do it RIGHT and with minimal cost. The gentleman who came and actually did the work for us took the time to do extra to make sure the room below would benefit from extra insulation, as well. The entire house is much better for their work here! And we haven't finished the new room yet.

J.M. Libertyville - December 2012
Owen came to my home today, December 27, 2012, and insulated my attic and the wall behind my fireplace. I am so pleased with their service. The rooms are a lot warmer and the drafts are gone! These people are very professional and knowledgeable which is a rarity in my experience. It is so great to deal with people who are highly skilled in their trade. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is looking for this service.

I have been having trouble in my townhouse for years. My bedroom is above an unheated garage and it is always cold in the winter and very warm in the summer. Also I have drafts around my fireplace and it literally feels like a window is open. Owen inspected the attic and discovered many openings among which were vents that were never attached to anything. There was a fan installed incorrectly which he disconnected. The added additional insulation in the attic and blew in more insulation to fill the cracks. They also blew insulation into the wall above the fireplace. The result is no more drafts and cold air. The work was performed within a few hours and everything was done neatly.

C. D. - Lake Bluff - December 2012
They responded immediately to my phone call. Provided a free estimate. Owen also interacted with my 3 year old son, letting him help measure the room. It was a nice gesture. Their price was better than other insulation companies. Owen has the experience, it becomes evident when you talk about mold and insulation.

Owen accommodated my construction schedule. Very positive experience.

R.D. Lincolnshire - November 2012
We were experiencing severe humidity problems in our attic especially during the winter. The excessive condensation caused ceiling damage in a couple of rooms and water damage from ice dams along the front outside where the siding and the roof soffit meet. American Insulation installed and or replaced an attic fan, roof vents, bathroom vents and soffit vents. They blew in insulation throughout the attic bringing it up to the correct R value. They laid a polyethylene barrier in the crawl space to inhibit any moisture rising into the house and attic and they also did mold remediation and prevention in attic.

Owen took considerable time to assess the issues and gave a thorough and understandable explanation of what was wrong and the steps needed to correct the problems. Owen and his associate Rick began the work a few days later completing the job in a day and a half. I could not have been more impressed. They simply did an excellent job. They were professional, knowledgeable, neat and attentive to my questions. Thank you American Insulation!

J. H. Glenview - June 2012

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