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American Insulation wants you to make an informed choice regarding your insulation, ventilation or mold remediation needs. Below are a few frequently asked questions from our customers. Please feel free to call us at 847-291-0322 to schedule a free estimate or with any additional questions or concerns.

Q: Why fiberglass versus other insulation products?
A: Unlike other insulation products, fiberglass is non-moisture absorbent and is non-flammable by nature. Fiberglass insulation is primarily made of silica sand and recycled glass.
Q: Why do I need to upgrade my insulation?
A: When your home was built utility costs were much lower. Natural gas and electricity costs have increased significantly and insulation will help reduce this expense.
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Air Sealing preventing Moisture — Insulation Repair in Northbrook, IL
Q: Why do I need to Air Seal my attic?
A: Air sealing attic penetrations will help prevent heat and moisture from entering the attic space.
Q: Why do I have moisture in my attic?
A: Unvented bath fans, dirt crawl spaces and humidifiers set too high are the main causes of attic moisture.
Q: Why do I need to ventilate my attic?
A: Ventilation is used to remove excess heat and moisture, therefore keeping your attic cooler and drier.
Q: Why do I need to ventilate my attic?
A: Mold is an opportunistic organism that is everywhere. All it needs to develop is 60% humidity and oxygen. American Insulation will help you solve your humidity problems before we remediate your mold
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